If you desire to get a slim and slender body and do not mind sweating for it, then you can definitely go for Shawn T’s Insanity Workout”. This is a tough fitness program crafted by Shawn T, considering your will and strength to get a fit and powerful body. The program isn’t as easy as people think. If you are lazy to go to the gym, and want your gym to come home, then you can get this fitness program at your doorstep. You simply have to order its pack of 10 DVDs, which contain 10 different types of fitness programs to help you get a slim and fit body.

Shawn T has made a workout program called Max Interval Training. This workout system makes you exercise on a high scale for 6 days a week, and 1 day is left for relaxation. The technique or method of this workout is very effective and has benefited many people.

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What does it take inside the Insanity Workout Program?

It is a two month workout program. The first half of the workout program is easier than the second half.  The workouts in the first month include various types of exercises which are carried for about 40 to 45 minutes. As the period of workout increases, the duration of the exercises also increases. In the second month, the exercises last for about an hour. This is because, in the first month, exercises are not very difficult. As the program heads towards higher exercises, the difficulty level rises, and the exercises become more challenging for your body.

Any awesome benefits?

There are three benefits. The first benefit is that you get a DVD pack of 10 DVDs, which include 10 different types of exercises. This means that you do not get bored performing the same exercises again and again. The second benefit is that the workouts are so fast that you do not realize how time flies. The third benefit is that you can workout at your home.

The advantages of this workout program are many. Many Insanity workout reviews have mentioned that no other exercise program will assure you a fit body in just two months. You get a personal trainer in your DVD set, who explains every exercise very nicely. You not just get fitness programs; you also work on cardio and abs.

Any drawbacks?

There are just a few disadvantages. You have to be in shape before commencing this hard workout program. But this does not mean that you have to be in proper shape. You just need to warm up your body by jogging or cycling, etc. You have to stick to this program for two months.

How to order?

To order Shawn T’s Insanity workout program DVDs you need to place your order on the internet. Their store is open 24/7. You just need to fill your details, and the DVDs will be at your doorstep.

The fitness system includes a set of 10 DVDs with high quality picture and sound. This will help you in observing the trainer carefully, and you can easily follow all the instructions provided by the trainer.

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Previously, I have wrote about Insanity workout program results for men, this post I am going to show you proof that it works as wonderfully for women.

You may be surprised, this fitness program is not only famous among men, but women too. View the videos below for before and after results.

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The Insanity workout program was made by Shawn T. Shawn T crafted the exercises in such a manner that those who purchase the exercise program will have to stick to the two months workout program. The program is very tough and rigorous. This workout program is not meant for beginners. The people who are lazy and don’t care for their health should not even try these exercises. The workouts in this program require active people who are willing to sweat in order to have a slender and fit body.

According to many Insanity Workout reviews, the workout program has proven to be the best fitness program for making tough muscles, and getting the body into shape. People have benefitted a lot from this program. Many people find the fitness program to be more effective than Tony Horton’s P90X fitness program.

What to expect from the Insanity Workout Program?

Shawn T makes you work on his fitness program for two months. The fitness program includes exercises like sports drill for good speed, cardio exercises for losing excess fat, resistance training for the upper body ,core workouts for abs and  plyometric for getting a well-toned lower body. Shawn T also provides you with a guide on fitness and nutrition. This program contains cross training and intervals for making the fitness program effective. These exercises can be performed by everyone.

Shawn T’s exercise program includes programs like: fitness test, pure cardio and abs exercises, plyometric cardio circuit, maximum interval circuit, core cardio and balance exercise, max interval plyo and conditioning and abs workout.

Insanity Results:

Shawn T’s fitness system’s results are mostly positive. Here you need not use any machines for working on your body. You have to work on your own, without any equipment. In this fitness program, Shawn T makes you keep your energy level high. You have to follow all the 10 DVDs in the set. Once you are done with the entire 10 DVD program, you are surely going to notice a drastic change in your body. The workouts mainly focus on abs workouts. Each session of exercises comprises burning of thousand calories. It is so hard that you will feel like giving up. If you give up, then it won’t be of any use to you. But if you stick it through, you are going to see REAL Insanity Results.

Let us ask some people who tried this hard and rigorous fitness program:

Hi, my name is Joana. I saw an advertisement on the television showing how you can change your lifestyle by changing your physique. They were showing some pictures of their clients who benefited from their fitness program. I wondered whether this fitness program will help me also in getting a well-toned body. I placed an order on the internet, and within 24 hours I got my fitness program DVD set pack at my home. I tried it, and initially found it very hard. I was thinking of quitting the idea of using this insanity workout program. But then my husband encouraged me to try it again. I worked on my body according to Shawn T’s instructions. And I’m very happy with changing my flab body to fab body. It is the best. I love it.

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Shawn Thompson is the man who created the famous and hard fitness program known as Insanity Workout. He had also created Hip Hop Abs and many other fitness programs. The program is his best fitness program for getting a well-toned and fit body.

It comprises a set of 10 DVDs of different but hard exercises. This is a two month fitness program. Many people have benefited a lot from this program, and are ready to go for a second round.

Many fitness program reviews find that the exercises are highly intense. His max interval training is simply insane. This program makes you work harder and harder. Every session will make you sweat and breathe a lot.

The eight week fitness workouts will include four weeks of basic workouts, and the remaining four weeks will be for advanced workouts. There is an additional week in this program. That week is for complete rest. The initial four basic weeks are made to work your body for the advanced week workouts.

Insanity will help you lose more weight and will help you in improving your muscles. The more weight you lose the more toned muscles you get.

This program is useful for only those people who can work hard for losing their extra pounds. Once you have completed this two month fitness program, you will not just lose weight, but you will also get a slender and healthier body.

When you get the Insanity program for yourself, you even get an elite nutrition plan kit. This is a diet plan. It includes all the essential proteins and nutrients that are necessary for your body. This diet plan is very effective. It makes you understand what kind of food to eat. It also tells us of the nutrients or fats available in various products. This diet plan along with the workout program works wonders for your body.

The fitness system also contains an Insanity calendar. This calendar is very useful as it shows how much you have exercised in a day, and what you should eat. It also tells you the type of exercises you should cover in the coming days or the next month. The Insanity workout calendar records everything of the fitness program. The workout insanity routine follows as below:

  • Cardio intervals – plyometric cardio circuit for the 1st month, and max interval circuit for the 2nd.
  • Cardio and endurance – pure cardio for the 1st month, and max cardio conditioning for the 2nd.
  • Recovery workouts – cardio recovery for the 1st month, and max recovery for the 2nd.

This workout program will help you improve the quality of muscle power. You can also access the company’s web site and can get in touch with beach body experts. Remember, the fitness system needs people who can seriously work hard, and who wish to get a well-toned body. This workout will be of no use to beginners or lazy people.

This blog features information and review of the famous Insanity Workout Program. Do check back for more info soon…