Shawn Thompson is the man who created the famous and hard fitness program known as Insanity Workout. He had also created Hip Hop Abs and many other fitness programs. The program is his best fitness program for getting a well-toned and fit body.

It comprises a set of 10 DVDs of different but hard exercises. This is a two month fitness program. Many people have benefited a lot from this program, and are ready to go for a second round.

Many fitness program reviews find that the exercises are highly intense. His max interval training is simply insane. This program makes you work harder and harder. Every session will make you sweat and breathe a lot.

The eight week fitness workouts will include four weeks of basic workouts, and the remaining four weeks will be for advanced workouts. There is an additional week in this program. That week is for complete rest. The initial four basic weeks are made to work your body for the advanced week workouts.

Insanity will help you lose more weight and will help you in improving your muscles. The more weight you lose the more toned muscles you get.

This program is useful for only those people who can work hard for losing their extra pounds. Once you have completed this two month fitness program, you will not just lose weight, but you will also get a slender and healthier body.

When you get the Insanity program for yourself, you even get an elite nutrition plan kit. This is a diet plan. It includes all the essential proteins and nutrients that are necessary for your body. This diet plan is very effective. It makes you understand what kind of food to eat. It also tells us of the nutrients or fats available in various products. This diet plan along with the workout program works wonders for your body.

The fitness system also contains an Insanity calendar. This calendar is very useful as it shows how much you have exercised in a day, and what you should eat. It also tells you the type of exercises you should cover in the coming days or the next month. The Insanity workout calendar records everything of the fitness program. The workout insanity routine follows as below:

  • Cardio intervals – plyometric cardio circuit for the 1st month, and max interval circuit for the 2nd.
  • Cardio and endurance – pure cardio for the 1st month, and max cardio conditioning for the 2nd.
  • Recovery workouts – cardio recovery for the 1st month, and max recovery for the 2nd.

This workout program will help you improve the quality of muscle power. You can also access the company’s web site and can get in touch with beach body experts. Remember, the fitness system needs people who can seriously work hard, and who wish to get a well-toned body. This workout will be of no use to beginners or lazy people.